What You Should Know
In today’s market, there are different ways to sell your home. There is a Traditional Sale, which is done between the Seller and a Buyer with no third party approval required.

There is also the option of a Short Sale. A Short Sale occurs when the net proceeds from a sale of a home are not enough to cover the Seller’s mortgage obligation and closing cost, and the Seller is unable or unwilling to cover the difference. For this reason, all negotiations need to be approved by a third party lender.

Which ever way is right for you, as your Real Estate Professional, we will work hard for you by:

*  Maximizing the exposure of your home to interested and capable buyers
*  Getting the highest possible price for your house, in the least amount of  time 
*  Making the process Easy, Hassle-Free, and Convenient
*  Have your best interest from Start to Finish

As result, feel confident that the sale of your property will receive the utmost attention from our team and the motivated buyers from Central Florida and around the world!

About Short Sales
For homeowners who can no longer afford to keep mortgage payments up to date, there are alternatives to foreclosure or bankruptcy.  One of those options is a short sale.

In todays market only about 20% of homes are sold through a short sale.  A short sale occurs when a lender accepts less than the total amount owed. To qualify for a short sale the owner has had to experience any of the following hardships.

  • Job loss or decrease in hours
  • Decrease in income
  • Business Failure
  • Illness or Medical Cost
  • Divorce or Death of Spouse
  • Natural Disaster

Short Sales are considered preferable to foreclosures because it lessens the impact a foreclosure can have on the surrounding community and won’t damage the distressed owners credit as much as a foreclosure.

Our team has been able to help families that were facing hardship, and had no idea of options that were available to them.  We work closely with Lenders and have established relationships with them in order to execute an easy, simple, and successful short sale process.

The HAFA program also helps with up to $3,000 in moving assistance. Contact us at 407-574-4101 for further information.

How to get Your Home Ready to Sell

1.) Power wash the exterior of the house, cut the grass, plant some colorful plants, and add new mulch to    the outside area. This will create great curb appeal, and will give a great first impression.
2.) Change any outdated lighting that may be in the home or the outside. Especially in the foyer and the dinning room. Also, go around and replace any burned out light bulbs.
3.) Paint any bold wall colors to a more neutral color scheme. Continue the same scheme through out the rest of the home, so that it all blends together and seems like one big space.
4.) Patch up any dents or imperfections- this is an easy step that makes the house look complete and it will give the buyer less to add to their to do list.
5.) Organize and De- Personalize- Remove clutter and keep it simple.  Bring down family pictures and replace with non personalized items.  This will allow buyers to envision their stuff in the home.
6.) Add WD40 to the doors and windows. The buyer doesn’t want to hear a door opening. Also, a quick touch up paint on the doors will make them look brand new.
7.) Update any out dated kitchen and bath faucets- this is a quick and easy way to give your sinks a fece lift.
8.) Rent a carpet cleaner and give your carpets a good wash, you’d be surprised how great they  look after a good cleaning.
9.) If the home has a pool, make sure it is cleaned and ready for swimming. Not only is this required for  the inspection process, but you want your buyers to see their family swimming in the pool on those hot summer days.
10.) Let people see your house!!!  Have your home ready for potential buyers to come see the house at a moments notice. The buyer that couldn’t see it, could have been the one that was able to buy it.